For the ❤️ of Canada !

Toronto was amazing as usual. Besides the pretty Canadian currency bills, the French translations, tourist sites, and its interesting buildings, Canada reminds me of one place – The United States. Always a pleasure to be here cos it almost feels like home and always a plus catching up with family.

It was more adventurous this time around because I FINALLY got to tour the CN (Canada National) Tower! The 9th tallest structure in the world with 147 floors?? Heck Yeahhhhh!

And ohh…the view from the top of the building? Ahhhmaazinggg! Butt…If you are afraid of heights, it mayyyy not be as glamorous. 😄

I also learned some history about the Canadian railway lines. Errr interesting stuff…

Also caught up with my friend here, and of course we shared some much needed laughter. Toronto has my heart always… 💯

Toronto, Canada. Until next time.

05/16/2019. 1:13am.

Taiwanese Dollars

Soooo….I️ landed in Taiwan just a couple of hours ago, can’t wait to step outside to the city center. Looks beautiful outside buuut it’s a rainy morning here in Taiwan 😦

I️ absolutely love these Taiwanese dollars, I️ feel like a baller already ! LOL

More stories to come maybe ….

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Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

So, for most of us, cold winters is all about wearing that big warm fuzzy jacket out, and constantly tucking ourselves in that big cozy blanket we can’t do without at home. If I had my way, I would be on deferments

every winter, and unleash myself come summer.

But wait….whoever said we cannot go on vacations in the middle of March when the snow and chilly air won’t let us be great?

I had never heard of Deep Creek Lake until my friends and I went on a cabin getaway this March. It was definitely one of the best (and different) weekend getaways I had been on in a while! Yes, it was in the middle of winter but it was worth the fun!

Deep Creek Lake isn’t just beautiful, serene, and quiet, but it also has the largest inland man-made lake in the whole of Maryland. That means if you love fishing, boat riding, or if you just like great views, visit Deep Creek Lake! Among other things, my friends and I went tubing, skiing, and zip-lining; Memoriessss!

So, here’s your next winter destination; Deep Creek Lake, Maryland! Oh, did I mention they have the best cabins?! Check this website out —-

Current Location: Akron, OH. 3:15pm. 10/22/2016

Moneygall, Ireland


I remember this day so well. It was probably sunny for a good 30 minutes, and my friends and I were thrilled! Yesss, crappy UK weather! (Sorry, my UK friends lol)

We embarked on a long bus ride from Dublin, Ireland to Manchester, England, and we made quite a few stops on our way. One of those stops was at Moneygall, Ireland.

Moneygall is a small village in Ireland, with at most 350 people! What’s interesting, it is President Barack Obama’s ancestral village. They love him here! And this gas station that I sit at, was named after him in 2014.

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Cuyahoga Falls, OH……04/01/2016……1:05am

Dubai, UAE

By far the most BEAUTIFUL city I have visited is Dubai! The picture below was taken at the Miracle Garden in the United Arab Emirates! My sister and my brother-in-law are on vacation right now, and I am jellyyyyy!

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